Rule Library in SailPoint IdentityIQ

Rule is an XML object with fully programmable java-based implementation hooks (Bean Shell). Rules can capture pieces of business-logic.SailPoint IdentityIQ is very much Rule-Driven, and thus very flexible.

Rules can reference other Rules! Helpful with creating Rule Libraries.

Rule Libraries are collections of methods that have been grouped together and stored in IdentityIQ as a Rule object. They contain a set of related but unconnected methods that can be invoked directly by workflow steps or other rules.

In this presentation, we will be discussing on complete rule library importance, creation of rule library and also referencing the created library in other rules, implementation in validation scripts and finally different types of referencing.

Rule Library – SailPoint IdentityIQ

In the following demo, we will cover the creation of rule library and referencing the created library in other required rules with expected results.

Demo – Rule Library

Pranith Patel

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