Workday Integration with SailPoint IdentityIQ

Workday Introduction

About Workday: Workday is a powerful cloud-based ERP platform that helps businesses streamline their financial and human resource process. 

Benefits of Workday:

  1. Workday is a human resource management system that helps companies with everything from hiring and onboarding to monitoring performance and keeping track of time and attendance to processing payroll.
  2. Resource Management
  3. Talent Management
  4. Recruiting
  5. Payroll
  6. Big Data Analytics

Integration of Workday with SailPoint IdentityIQ:

Here, Workday application is integrated with SailPoint using Workday connector. You can have an overview of the connector documentation in the following link- SailPoint IdentityIQ Workday Connector.

The Workday Connector supports the following operations:

  • Account Aggregation (Full and Delta)
  • Update: Email, Phone, User ID (Internally mapped to username), Custom attributes

Let us have a quick overview on the presentation covering the Integration.

SailPoint’s Workday solution extends a deep level of management on your Workers, Contingent workers and Worker Accounts present in Workday HCM. It offers the seamless automation of your Joiner, Mover and Leaver use cases where you can manage the complete role base access control from single place with unlimited custom schema support.

Integration server: Workday is designed as a web service platform that is heavily into SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). The integration server is responsible for translating the SOAP into anything that might need integration and performs, generates reliable delivery.

By integrating SailPoint IIQ with Workday, organizations can automate and simplify employee onboarding and onboarding in minutes.

Let us go through the demo which covers the entire Integration of Workday with SailPoint

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