Bulk Provisioning – Batch Request in SailPoint IdentityIQ

Batch Requests enable you to generate specific types of access requests for more than one user at a time. The required data is gathered from a prepared comma-delimited file for each request type. The batch files require comma-delimited data that represents the individual requests. In most cases the native identity or identity name can be used to specify the request target.

In this presentation, we will be discussing on batch requests in SailPoint IdentityIQ, different methods involved in batch requests, complete explanation on individual types implementation with the Active Directory and Azure Bulk Provisioning.

Bulk Provisioning – Batch Request in SailPoint IdentityIQ

Active Directory (AD) is a Microsoft technology used to manage computers and other devices on a network. It is a primary feature of Windows Server, an operating system that runs both local and Internet-based servers.
Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. It runs exclusively on Windows Server operating systems. In this demo, we will be discussing on bulk provisioning into Active Directory application with Exchange provisioning.

Active Directory – Bulk Provisioning in SailPoint IdentityIQ

Azure is a public cloud computing platform—it is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.
Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Office product line. In this demo, we will be discussing on Microsoft Azure integration with Sailpoint IdentityIQ along with Office365 Licence setup and bulk provisioning to Azure and Office365.

Azure Integration and Bulk Provisioning – SailPoint IdentityIQ

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