SailPoint IdentityIQ Plugins

Introduced with IdentityIQ 7.1, the plugin framework provides the infrastructure and tools to enable developers to extend the Open Identity Platform to meet a variety of specialized use cases that one might encounter in a non-standard deployment.

SailPoint IdentityIQ 7.1 Plugin Framework provides a dynamic, plugin-specific class loader. It also introduces a simple, supportable, and upgrade-able user experience. The dynamic class loader provides protection for the base classes from modification, and allows for additional security and upgrade-ability.

The plugin framework allows developers to create packaged functionality that integrates with IdentityIQ, in a upgrade safe and isolated manner. It gives implementer’s a safe option for creating User Interface extensions, REST services, Custom SailPoint configuration objects, and more.

The following presentation discusses in detail about the SailPoint IdentityIQ Plugins

SailPoint IdentityIQ Plugins Presentation

The following is the demonstration of steps for Plugin development along with the sample plugin.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Sample Plugin

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