World of BYO_

The world as we know has changed dramatically. With the infiltration of personal devices and plethora of applications which collect an individual’s data with/without his/her cognizance have made enterprises, especially government services vulnerable to data loss and its consequences. However, none of the new age ways of working might not be curbed anymore.

The prudent way to step ahead into future shall be to adopt ideas like BYOD, BYOI, Work from Home, Social media enablement into the work culture and let the workforce take the advantage of delivering better. While we adopt, so do we implement the Modern way of Information security.

Data and individual are mutually dependent. Thus protecting the way and means of how data is being accessed by individuals helps solve the jigsaw.

If BYOI may be implemented very well, it helps enterprises track the way an identity acts either in the enterprise or the rest of the world wide web. Social media access has become a huge threat where information might be cross its boundaries in stealth mode. The following steps are prescribed for a safe implementation of BYOI/D methodologies.

  1. Ensure every door opened technically has an authorized owner and there is strict accountability associated. This is technically possible.
  2. Ensure zero identity loss by eliminating passwords as much as possible. Passwords are a menace.
  3. Adopt techniques like biometrics, thermal scanning, retinal scans etc for high privileged accesses.
  4. Ensure all social identities are published. Audit for the unpublished identities.
  5. Have robust frameworks built for Mobile device management. These frameworks should be at application layer level on every device ensuring highest level tracking and auditing
  6. Build application development frameworks to ensure zero vulnerability in code.
  7. Last but not the least, educate everyone on social engineering, phishing and other fraudulent techniques.

Conduct periodic checks/audits to validate all identity related information.

Esesve Digumarthi

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