Comprehensive Overview of Sailpoint’s IdentityNow

SailPoint has the solution to meet the needs of identity governance that exist in today’s business environments. The solution is available for businesses to easily consume because it’s in the cloud this solution which is IdentityNow. With many features such as User Password Management, Access Certification, Access Requests, Provisioning, Multi-factor authentication, Strong Authentication and Analytics. IdentityNow is a leader in the market for a perfect IAM solution for organizations taking the next step into cloud computing.

The product is simpler to tack together than several other IAM solutions in the market, thus additional configuration can be completed without the need for specialist resources. The User interface (UI) is a lot of easier to interface for end-users and needs less coaching.

It’s extremely scalable and proactive with observations and alerting. SailPoint frequently patches the environments and latest code releases supplying you with more insurance.

With IdentityNow we can see all identities and their access in one place. Having visibility into applications user’s identity data access allows you to make the right security decisions with IdentityNow you govern across the whole enterprise you can ask who has access to what and get answers for your entire security ecosystem with identity now you can deploy faster leverage the cloud to deploy enterprise identity and access management within days.

The following presentation will give a comprehensive overview of the Sailpoint’s IdentityNow,

The following is the demonstration and walk through the IdentityNow product which takes you through all of the features and configurations,

Mohit Kayla

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