No one customer, industry or geography are the same. We deliver exclusive industry specific solutions.


The BFSI industry has the most stringent compliance and regulatory requirements. Architecting a solution for an enterprise in the BFSI sector requires an understanding of financial norms, regulations according to geographies, cross country statutory requirements, trading policies, taxations, data privacy acts, understanding multiple business applications, segregation of duties, accessibility requirements and many more.

Our teams comprise of the best of techno-functional experts who understand all the above and design security solutions for all the disparate BFSI customers.


Outsourcing once was an innovative thought in IT/ITES sectors. Today it is commonplace. There are multiple organizations and people from different sources who are working for productivity, together. With multiple geographies, cultures, climatic conditions involved IT/ITES businesses have taken a highly complex shape. Securing the reputation of the end customer is a principal need.

Our team of experts have roots from the best in the IT/ITES industry. They have held multiple functional and technology roles in organizations of the likes of GE (GENPACT) and modelled business deliveries.


Telecoms hold the highest volumes of user (public) data. Most of them can be the best “Identity as a Service” providers. Their OSS, BSS processes require granular identity control while processing power stands apex.

At ENH iSecure we not only specialize in the techno-functional solution but also bring apex performance techniques via our rich experience in multiple hardware, networking and virtualization skills.


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