Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

The ever evolving IT businesses of contemporary organizations, with technological trends like BYOI, BYOD, Cloud computing, alternative workplaces, mobile workforce,and Social collaboration are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. People and Process play an equally crucial role as Technology. Unless the digital footprints of its people are protected, there is a reputational risk. For an enterprise, there is no existence without reputation.


Identity Management is a necessity. Organizations manage thousands of identities and their access to hundreds of enterprise and cloud applications.A perfect IAM solution is the right blend of technology and business process. We assist you in assessing the maturity of your current IAM solution, and propose strategy and roadmap.

Our team comes with rich domain expertise. We ensure that a proper IAM framework is in place, help you in choosing the right products, and customize them to fit the designed framework.


It is becoming a dire need for enterprises to implement a complete solution that provides control over who has access to what. Enforcing stringent security policy that is managed centrally and administered at multiple points is essential to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs.iSecure ensures business users avoid remembering multiple passwords across applications and relieve burden on IT administration through broad visibility, reduced password resets, and automated credential provisioning.

iSecure also reckons, innovates and excels in the most unheeded & highly vulnerable areas which are no more a last priority.

Privileged Identity

Unstructured Data

Cloud & Data Security

Where is your data? Cloud? Onpremise? Unknown location?
iSecure helps organizations find where their data is stored, how it is accessed, where is it transported to, and secures it while ensuring the principle of CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). Our experts understand the diverse technologies, cloud solution providers, and the threats on the cyber highway. Talk to our experts for more.

Database Security

Application Security

On-Premise to Cloud Strategy