Split Brain Scenario in CyberArk

In high availability clustering, split-brain is a problem scenario that can occur when one of the nodes fails. Within a CyberArk implementation with disaster recovery enabled, a split-brain condition might arise if high availability is not configured as per the recommendations.

The following presentation discusses split-brain scenario in a CyberArk implementation and how it can be resolved:

Sailpoint IIQ Activity Data Sources

Monitoring and analysis of events that occur on a system is crucial to identify threats and generate timely alerts. It is also significant to identify by whom such events were caused if it was triggered by a user. Sailpoint IdentityIQ allows us to keep track of identity activity on various targets using Activity Data Sources. When configured, this allows us to track activity like logon times, security events, or application activity among other actions.

The following presentation discusses how Activity Data Sources can be configured on IdentityIQ for basic Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with an example use-case:

The following demonstration presents the use case for identifying activity based policy violations by setting up Activity Data Sources: